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  GGP Outreach
Agency Name GGP Outreach
Address Official Address: B-9-9 Megan Avenue 2, 12 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur (Counseling Centre sited in Bangsar)
Tel/Mobile 012-387 8668 Fax 03-2164 5355
Email ggpoutreach@gmail.com
Website www.ggpoutreach.com
Contact Person For appointments, call MsPauline Ng
Grief Therapy, Grief Support Group
Personality Disorders and other Mental Illnesses
Depression, Trauma, Panic Attack, Suicidal Ideation
Training Seminars, Preaching, Community Educational Talks
Financial Assistance to Poor Widows
Description of Main Caregiver

Dr. Edmund Ng is trained at the doctoral level in psychodynamic counseling and practical theology. He is also one of the few Asians certified with a Fellow in Thanatology (Grief Therapy). A former pastor and business CEO, Edmund is the Founding President of the National Association of Christian Counselors Malaysia.

Edmund's counseling objective goes beyond helping the person to cope in life towards bringing about a character transformation and wholeness that relates closer to God and be more dependent on Him.

Professional Qualifications

Dr. Edmund Ng
Ed. D. Counseling(Cand.) (AGST), D. Min. (UK), FT (ADEC, USA)

Licensed and Registered Counselor
Grief Therapist/Psychotherapist


Fees differ according to affordability and context based on the following options:

  1. Full professional fees at RM700 per hour;
  2. Pro bono at discounted rate of RM100 per session;
  3. Pro bono with only reimbursement for administration, venue and utilities at RM20 per session.