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  About NACC Malaysia

Christian Counselling:

Counselling is as an integral part of discipling and pastoral care. Through counselling, we can help people in need identify the basic cause of their personality issues and empower them to help themselves. By the same discipline, we can also guide and mentor others, especially the younger generation, with the wealth of our life experiences and accumulated wisdom. In Malaysia, however, most people lack the knowledge and skills in counselling, particularly Christian Counselling.

Christian counselling is a discipline that is emerging to be distinctive from secular or professional counselling which proclaims to be religiously-neutral. In particular, secular counsellors are bound by professional ethics not to impose their personal beliefs and values upon the counselees. In contrast, we want to promote Godly values, attitudes and behaviour through Christian counselling, because we believe that these factors are what that will ultimately work best for all of us.

The Association:

Christians advocating Christian counselling are usually represented by a national association of Christian counsellors which serves to promote and equip their Christian community in Christian counselling. In Malaysia, the National Association of Christian Counsellors (NACC) is established with the support and encouragement of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia.

NACC is registered as an independent body by the Registrar of Societies on 9 May 2011 (ROS number: 2291-11-SEL).  We are a member of the International Network for Christian Counselling.

Our Objectives:

  • To promote the practice of Christian counselling in Malaysia.
  • To encourage the development and advancement of Christian counselling as a discipline in Malaysia.
  • To promote and assist in the research of Christian counselling theories and practices.
  • To promote and reinforce high standards in education and training, competency, growth and accreditation of Christian counselling based on Biblical ethics.
  • To promote and enhance public awareness of Christian counselling in Malaysia.
  • To foster co-operation and sharing of information and experience among Christians of different Biblical counselling approaches and specialties.